Spirit Music CollectiveSpirit Music Collective
  • A&E
  • 44 Blue Productions               Nightwatch/ Wahlburgers/ Donnie Loves Jennie/ Killer Kids/                                   Breaking Boston/ An Evening with Scott Hamilton/ Find & Design
  • Actuality Productions             Biography/ Child Stars/ The Story of Magic/ Wrecking Ball
  • Film Garden                              On The Inside
  • Great Blue Productions           Biography
  • LMNO Productions                   Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden
  • Paramount                                 Biography
  • Susan Winston Productions    Mind Hunters
  • Stars and Stripes Media          Man Hunters: Fugitive Task Force
  • The Greif Company                  Gene Simmons -  Family Jewels
  • Triage Entertainment               Biography
  • Van Ness Films                         Biography/ TVOgraphy


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