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  • Spirit Production Music Now Representing KPSyncLab in North America
    Spirit Production Music Now Representing KPSyncLab in North America
Tuesday, July 02, 2019




Los Angeles, CA (July 02, 2019) -- Spirit Production Music is proud to represent KPSyncLab in the United States and Canada.

Based in France, KPSyncLab specializes in their hand-picked music that spans across multiple genres including rock, pop, hip hop and much more. KPSyncLab's CEO, Roland Kluger, has created this fabulous catalog of music based upon his experience from representing major publishing companies and managed artists including Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

KPSyncLab is a proven catalog with placements licensed to companies like Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, MTV and more.

Spirit Production Music, a division of Spirit Music Group, represents more than 50 unique music libraries from around the world. Our music ranges from fully orchestrated classical masterpieces to authentic international ethnic music to the most cutting-edge contemporary beats and sounds. At over 200,000 tracks and growing, Spirit Production Music's catalog contains music from virtually every genre, style and era imaginable.

Spirit Production Music is excited to move forward into the future with KPSyncLab. Please contact Spirit Production Music for inquiry regarding licensing.

Spirit Production Music Contact Information:

Phone Number: (818) 508-2040

Website: https://spiritproductionmusic.sourceaudio.com/#!home

Email: office@spiritproductionmusic.com







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